Welformed Rises To The Challenge of 2018 Office Trends

Office design is evolving from old standards of tiny cubicle spaces and large offices with bulky, ornate furnishings, to a modern office whose design is driven by utility, technology, and employee satisfaction. During these innovative times, workers can still enjoy the traditional style or opt for a more updated, lighter and eclectic workspace.

In 2018, the theme for office design has shifted to the needs of the individual. With Millennials occupying increasingly more space in today’s workforce, the thinking has altered to fit the values of this generation, which include work/life balance and the need to engage in work that is personally meaningful. Office spaces are beginning to reflect those concepts, based on the notion that we want to do more than exist at our jobs; we want to thrive. This theme of vitality is clear in these trends of office spaces for 2018.

Green is Golden

The use of nature as a design framework within a workspace is becoming increasingly popular. With this “greening” trend, over the past 2-3 years, an increasing number of plants and greenery are growing into our modern-day workspaces. Ideally, workers can spend a portion of their workday outdoors, or an office wall can even be comprised of foliage. For those without that flexibility, wall companies are designing and manufacturing walls with the ability to accommodate plants and other vegetation indoors. In essence, builders are finding ways to bring nature to the workers, and the results are increased motivation and efficiency, not to mention happiness.

The Feel-Good of Textures

In the modern less-is-more environment, texture can add an element to make a space feel less dull or empty. The use of textures can add playfulness or creativity to a work area as well. The heightened sensory experience is perfect for reducing stress on the job. The feel of a textured wall promotes a feeling of well-being. Also, playing with textures can bring a neutral color to life or add a personal touch to the place where you spend a third of your life.

Color Me Happy

Pantone recently released their eight trend palettes for 2018. The idea is to find a palette, or color grouping that expresses the attitude of the work and the workers. For example, the “resourceful” palette mixes opposites on the color wheel for a bright and lively color combination, while other, forward-thinking organizations might opt for the “intricacy” palette with its neutral metallics.

Design In Motion

The dynamic workspace is one that can easily be transformed, one that is always in flux, adapting to the needs of the moment. In this environment, a meeting room can become a multipurpose video conference room, and within minutes morph into a training room. Perhaps the biggest trend for 2018 workspaces, the dynamic work environment solves the problems of limited space with an emphasis on flexibility and collaboration.

The idea for the 2018 and beyond office space is to not only foster teamwork, but also to create an environment where employees and prospective employees want to work. In response to this need, companies must continue to flex their innovation muscles and stay on target with changing trends.

Welformed understands the desire to work in a physical and emotional environment that encourages not only professional but also personal development. Their innovative expertise utilizes a range of various materials we can customize to fit the needs of your office and help keep you and your organization moving in the direction of your vision.

Acquired by Genesis Products in 2015, Welformed is proud to have expanded its capabilities in response to the evolving needs of our clients. To learn more, visit https://welformed.com/office-interiors/ today.



Office Trends for 2018

Office Trends for 2018