Office Interiors

Reinventing Interiors

Modernize your office interior with superior products to elevate the sophistication and style of your space.

Welformed offers turnkey solutions for any interior commercial product need. Our custom, molded parts are made from durable, lightweight materials. We use high-content “eco” recycled plastics and custom composite materials that can be designed to meet any acoustic or aesthetic requirement. We create high-quality, customizable parts — everything from industrial building products to office partitions, privacy screens, wood and fiberglass replacements and more.

Consider partnering with Welformed for high-quality customizable, lightweight, durable parts; dedicated service and competitive prices.

Cabinet Components
Superior durability with increased resistance to impact abrasion, marring and scratching.

Work Surfaces
Durable in tough conditions and lightweight, making shipping and delivery fast and easy.

Molded Furniture
A molded one-step solution with a decorative finish for anything from drawer organizers to seat covers.

Room Partitions
Large format moldings with custom patterns, providing privacy, and separation.

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