Improving Student Engagement Might Be Easier Than You Think

Technology is improving at a rapid rate and with it so is our ability to create innovative spaces that drive creativity and effort. If we are to improve the learning experiences of students, an investment in developing the design of classrooms and study areas is essential. Just as businesses see growth when the environment is tailored to suit their employees, schools also see improvements when learning spaces are geared towards the needs of students.

Changing learning environments can be difficult as efforts are often met with criticisms of coddling. In reality, when students experience discomfort or distractions in a classroom, their focus is drawn away from the material being taught. In fact, environment can affect student learning by as much as 15 percent. With the average age of an American school building sitting at around 50 years, the need for upgrades is of immediate importance.

Our students and teachers deserve the same level of comfort and engagement-centered design that those in our workforce have come to expect. Research has shown that students react positively to ergonomic seating, daylight, fresh air, proper acoustics and lighting. Aesthetically, well-designed furnishings and elements that match the technology they use everyday can help establish a natural feeling that what is being taught is worth attention and focus.

With this research in mind, companies across the nation have begun facing the challenge of improving classrooms head on. We acquired Welformed, a division of Genesis Products, in May of 2015. This division works with individual organizations and businesses to develop interior solutions that are crafted for their exact needs. For education systems, our solutions involve products for everything from classrooms and auditoriums, to dining facilities. Welformed can tailor-make whiteboards, acoustic panels, and even ceiling tiles, so that your educational setting is built around reinforcing the connection between student and teacher.

Manufactured in America, Genesis’ products not only follow design trends but are also durable enough to meet the demands of modern education systems. While well-crafted curriculum and resources are important to student success, it is important to stop overlooking the settings in which students learn. To find out how Genesis Products can help, or to learn more about our line of products, visit us today at!