Improve Employee Well-being and Productivity with Well-Designed Office Spaces

A well-designed office space will promote hard work and creativity, happiness and comfort, and create a general sense of well-being among employees. Yet many office spaces are dull, which is affecting employee moods, corroding everyone’s work ethic and energy levels.

Office spaces designed with employees in mind will help team members reach their full potential. Companies that understand the importance of work space design are more likely to have thoughtful, creative and productive employees. In a well-designed office, employees feel more excited about their work and perform more efficiently. Careful attention to the design of think-spaces, private and open spaces, acoustics, accents and meeting areas creates an office where employees feel comfortable, happy and excited to get to work.

There are few elements more important than office design when it comes to employees’ performance, thought, and creativity. It is important to keep in mind that not everyone works best in the same kind of space. Most people prefer private workspaces, as privacy prevents distractions and allows individuals to get more work done. However, open spaces are great for collaboration, and sometimes the occasional distraction is precisely what is needed for creativity. Innovation is more likely if employees have access to a wide range of working spaces supporting different working styles.

Lighting and Color

Good lightning is vital for optimal employee performance. Bad lighting can cause eyestrain, increasing fatigue, headaches, and overall irritability, and dark spaces can actually produce depression. While fluorescent lights are better than nothing, natural lighting is vastly superior, keeping employees alert throughout the day.

Along with bright natural light, the right colors are also important. The right paint colors can greatly improve the mood in your office, just as the wrong paint colors can make everyone depressed and unproductive. Colors like grey and beige increase feelings of sadness, especially in women. Fast food restaurants love to use yellow and red to create enough discomfort in customers to prevent them from hanging around too long and taking up table space that could be used by new customers. On the other hand, low-wavelength colors like blue and green can improve efficiency and focus. It is no coincidence that these are the most common colors we encounter in nature, from plants to the sky.

Comfort and Productivity

Employees want to feel comfortable while they are at work, and employers need to understand that more enticing environments promote a greater desire for all employees to be a part of the company, resulting in greater productivity. Creating a work environment that promotes thought, creativity, and productivity is important for your employees—and for your bottom line.

From traditional woods to low-cost paper laminate and high-end acrylic products, Genesis Products provides the kind of variety you need to help you make the ideal office space. We are capable of fully manufacturing the components you need to create office spaces that can motivate your employees to new heights of creativity and productivity. To learn more about what Genesis Products can offer your office space, visit us at today