Welformed protects our clients’ investments; we ensure that our products are reliable and long-lasting. Many traditional woods and hard plastics suffer under environmental stresses. Woods are subject to molds, mildews and staining. Hard plastics warp or crack when exposed to high temperatures. At Welformed, we use high content, recycled post-consumer plastics and custom composite materials that remain strong under those pressures. Our materials will not mold, rattle or squeak, and experience low to zero off-gassing. We thermally stabilize our materials so that they can tolerate extreme temperatures. We increase our products’ durability so that they are built to last.

Our custom products:

  • Breathe
  • Control moisture
  • Avoid condensation
  • Give off no fumes or odors
  • Will not mold, mildew or stain
  • Are UV stabilized and will not discolor
  • Are thermally stabilized and will not warp or crack

Make your products stronger; extend their lifespan with Welformed.

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