About Us

Like many businesses founded in entrepreneurial Elkhart County, Welformed got its start in a garage. The team of founders saw opportunities for change in the industry and launched their solution-making model in 2013. Welformed began establishing a customer base, but the fledgling company realized growth would require strategic resources and began the search for a long-term partner.

In 2015, Genesis Products — a well-established supplier of laminate and wood products and interior components — immediately saw how Welformed’s solutions fill a critical need within the market and acquired the company. As a division of Genesis, Welformed was able to expand its capabilities.Together, Genesis Products and Welformed bring innovative solutions to a broad array of industries.

Our Team

A.J. Balthes

Division Manager

AJ has spent over a decade working in nonwoven textiles and automotive interior trim. AJ works with a team of creative, open-minded engineers that work hard to deliver superior solutions to existing problems. AJ is supported by his wife Megan and kids: Allison and AJ junior.

Eric Vechera

Operations Manager

Eric, as the operations/plant manager of Welformed, strives to make sure customers are happy with good parts that are delivered on time, in a safe, “family friendly,” organized facility. In his spare time Eric enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Tyler Oesch

Manufacturing Engineer

Tyler provides solutions to Welformed’s everyday production needs as well as programs their robotic trimming stations. He is dedicated to producing high quality parts and expanding Welformed’s capabilities. When not at work Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife Marie and son Maxwell.

Jen Stone

Office Coordinator

Jen is passionate about a seamless customer experience and enjoys working with a team that values teamwork excellence and continuous learning as much as she does. Jen is the proud mom of three teenagers: Bryce, Kade and Annie and has been married to her husband Tim for 19 years and counting.

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